Absolutely amazing! Great location, fantastic encouraging staff and awesome equipment...― Sarah

Climb Real Trees with Dry Tools

Real Tree Climbing

Real Tree Climbing

Forget climbing walls and artificial surfaces. ExTREEme has the real thing. Tackle the climbing trees on their own or combine them with the high ropes course to have a full day of activities. There are 4 routes, two to a height of 65ft and two to a height of 45ft, the latter can be climbed both conventionally and by using dry tooling axes.

Dry Tooling

Dry tooling is the art of climbing using special ice axes that have rubber loops on the ends instead of a sharp pick. The rubber loops are hooked over the climbing holds and the climber hauls him/herself up the tree using the same muscle groups as if they were climbing an ice face.

Climbing is undertaken one on one with a personal instructor.

Cost is £28 per person for adults and children.

Please telephone 07775 593477 or 01328 838720 to make your booking.