The History behind the New Wood at ExTREEme Adventure

The New Wood, Weasenham

The New Wood, Weasenham

The New Wood part of the Weasenham Woods is where our ExTREEme Adventure high ropes course and activity centre is located.

The New wood has been actively managed by the Coke family for over 100 years. Two hundred and fifty years ago there were scattered clumps of Oak and Scots Pine. Over the next 150 years it gradually became a wood by self-seeding. In the 1880’s some of the Western American conifers were introduced. It is never clear felled which allows many unusual flowering shrubs and trees to thrive under the shelter of the high forest.

The New Wood is at a more advanced stage than the surrounding woods on the estate because a tremendous amount of timber was taken from them during the Second World War, as part of the war effort. During that time the wood staff consisted of eight locals and about ten German prisoners of war. However, the current owners grandfather, who was here at the time, managed to prevent too much being taken from the New Wood.

The rhododendrons and azaleas are at their best towards the end of May, beginning of June. If you come in early June you will see a very fine example of the Chinese Handkerchief or Dove Tree (Davidia involucrata). The entire crown of the tree is covered in flowers, which look like little silk handkerchiefs.

Being ancient heath land the wood contains several barrows or tumulus, which are thought to be burial grounds from the Bronze Age.