What do we do with all this Wood from the New Wood?

The New Woods at Weasenham

The New Woods at Weasenham

ExTREEme adventure high ropes course and army-style assault course are set in the magnificent “New Wood” part of Weasenham Woods. We’ve previously covered some of the history behind the New Wood and explained some of the woodland management at ExTREEme Adventure, but what do we do with all this wood?

The wood is a mixture of conifers and hardwoods. You will notice the big old rough, poor quality trees, but it is the younger trees, that have grown up under the shelter of the old rough trees and, at the same time being forced upwards towards the light, that produce the quality timber. This is used for construction and furniture production and is mainly sold to sawmills in East Anglia.

The management objective is, and always has been to produce big top quality timber, combined with a high amenity value.

Threats to the Woodland

They might look cute but the main threat to this woodland and every other woodland in the country is the alien grey squirrel. It is the owner’s view that this creature has to be totally eradicated from this country, followed by the reintroduction of our charming native red squirrel. Large sums of money are spent removing grey squirrels in these woods every year, but this is not sustainable in the long run. If the grey squirrel is not removed from this country these woods, as with all other woods in this country will slowly be destroyed.